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Private Rented Sector Platform

Operating as a fully-hosted service, the web based platform is accessible 24/7 from any internet
enabled device including laptops, PCs and tablets. A wide range of standard and tailor made
allow universitiesand colleges to provide a first class
service to both their students and their landlords.

Rental Management Platform

This software gives you the opportunity to offer
leasing management services. Available as a stand alone platform
or integrated with the Private Rented Sector Platform, your
organisation could operate in a similar way to a leasing agent –
providing you with the ability to generate additional revenue.

Key features include:

  • seamless tenant management - moving tenants through the various stages of the rental process
  • comprehensive maintenance tracking - so contractors and property owners can be automatically
    notified of issues being reported and resolved
  • inventory management - reducing the level of disputes and speeding up the resolution process
  • financial management - allowing you to keep track of rent payments, maintenance costs and
    security deposit payments.
  • tenant information - provide students and landlords with direct access to a range of property and
    tenant details including contracts, inventories and rent payment histories. This helps you to build
    confidence with your clients and users by introducing transparency into the rental management
By using the full range of property management features available you would be able to offer
an unrivaled service to both your students and landlords.
"Crazily busy this year, don't know
what we would have done without
Lucy Roberts, University of Cumbria